Studies show that your emotional state can impact your safety on the road, it can distract you and can prove out to be fatal. Your judgment becomes more clouded as you focus more and more on an emotionally charged interaction, idea, or event. It can be both negative as well as positive emotions that affect your potential on the roads and neither one of them out of balance are going to have any positive consequences unless handled.

An emotionally charged person can undergo enough stress to experience tunnel vision where one is less likely to notice things happening outside the car. The observation time and reaction become slower and one maneuver in pandemonium. There is lack of precision and ability to perform driving skills and exercise reflexes.

Everyone has different ways of dealing with emotions so it is important to find which calming technique works best for you. Music helps to calm the nerves, one can play some soft and soothing music. Once you are behind the wheel try to control the disturbing thoughts and emotions, take deep breaths and release stress. Leave early and drive slow, be courteous on the road. Avoid any road mishap. If one is particularly overwhelmed with emotions like anxiety or anger, it is advisable to pull over safely and take your time to calm down.

Prevention is better than cure, ensure taking pre-emptive measures to lower overall stress levels. Mental fitness is directly related to our physical fitness. Stay fit and stay active. Drive safe and ensure safety of others on the roads.