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Access Adult Driving Lesson

Our all-inclusive Adult Permit Class includes the following:

  • Adult Education Class
  • Written permit test
  • Notarized D.P.S application
  • Certificate issued at end of class 

Adult Driving Education

  • Six Hour Adult Class
  • Practice behind-the-wheel
  • Road test


Access Driving School offers drivers training for adults 18 years and older.We teach beginners and drivers with some experience.

We offers a two hour lesson and focus on techniques to help pass the driving test as soon as possible. For example, we teach control on left and right turns, parallel parking and right of way to name a few.


The Instruction Permit test can be taken at the DPS, Access Driving School. If you opt to take the permit test at the DPS you should have your documents in order to take the written test and must be 25 or older.

* Birth Certificate/ US Passport/ Green Card

* Social Security Card

* 2 Bills with your address

If you are from abroad or out of state you should have a passport, out-of-state ID and a third piece of ID. For example, voter card, shot records or school ID. If you don’t have a social security card you must fill out a social security affidavit.

Adult 6 HRS Class

Adult Permit Class is mandatory for adults ages 18-25 before they can obtain a Texas Driver’s License. The law States as follows:- “SB 1317 creates a six-hour driver education course required for driver license applicants 18 years of age or older. It also mandates that applicants 25 or under must submit to an approved driver education course. (effective March 1, 2010.)”. Access Driving School offers adult driver education course in the traditional classroom setting. This 6-hour course covers all aspects of the Texas Drivers Handbook including road signs and road rules and takes place every Saturday from 10 am. Early registration is encouraged!

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