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Clear Your Record with Texas Defensive Driving .

No one likes getting pulled over while driving. And no driver likes paying the ticket that so often accompanies being pulled over — least of all the points that get stuck on your license. That’s why Access Defensive Driving is here to help you out. While we all understand the importance of speed limits in keeping our roads safe and traffic tickets as a means to help people adhere to them, we know that every driver makes mistakes, and we don’t think that they should be forced to carry them around. That is why we offer the quickest and cheapest  driving course in the Texas.

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Defensive Driving Online Class

How to Dismiss Your Traffic Ticket

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Access Driving School provides your certified Texas DPS driving record(type 3A) listing your complete driving history: name, date of birth, license status, and all accidents and violations on your DPS record.

Order Your Texas Driving Record

It’s easy to order your driving record! Just provide your information and make a payment for a type 3A driving record that you can use for:

  • Ticket dismissal
  • Employment
  • Insurance purposes
  • Personal reference

Get Your Online Record Within 24 Hours

Our fast online delivery means you’ll receive your driving record within 24 hours. Download it, print it, and you’re all set to go. Order your driving record now!

Get Your Texas Driving Record for Ticket Dismissal

If you need to clear a traffic ticket, you’ll need to take a Texas defensive driving course. But did you know that you might also need your driving record? Some courts require a type 3A Texas driving record for ticket dismissal.

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